Our Company

Greater Washington Estate Services has conducted sales in the District’s finest homes since 2007. From ambassadors and members of Congress to Washington’s business leaders and philanthropists, we have established a standard of service unmatched in our industry.

Our staff includes individuals with many years of experience in retail couture, consignment management, fine arts education, jewelry sales and appraisal as well as marketing and public relations. We work closely with area antique dealers, appraisers and auction houses to ensure a thorough evaluation of the items you are intending to sell.

Important to anyone using our services:

  • GWES operates according to the tax and labor laws of the Federal Government and the states of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
  • We are insured for $1,000,000.00 per sale conducted and will be happy to share our policy with you.
  • We carry Workers’ Compensation for our employees along with payment of Medicare, Social Security and unemployment taxes.
  • Our employees are issued W2 statements in accordance with IRS guidelines.
  • We provide extensive client references.

A visit to one of our sales says it all. Every item will be clean, tagged and priced. Our staging is based on an individual floor plan of your home designed with security and merchandising in mind. We do not arrange our sales to resemble a store. On the contrary, we believe that the home environment is the optimal way to market and sell merchandise intended for home use. There is logic and order to our floor plans that we believe encourages customers to stay longer and shop more. We encourage potential clients to attend one of our sales so they can personally observe our thoroughness, professionalism, and merchandising skills.