Recent Sales

North Potomac
Capitol Hill
River Road extended/Travilah
Open in snow!! Potomac/Avenel (Rapley Preserve)
Great Falls
Rockville/Historic District
Logan Circle/ NW DC (Historic Alain Locke House)

Looking through photos of our past sales will provide you with a good overview of our work. Many of the homes and the items pictured were not in the condition you see and many were lovely to begin with but we challenge you to determine which are which! We take pride in the way our sales are presented because we believe a clean, well-organized presentation enhances the customer’s experience and encourages them to ask questions, stay longer and buy more readily. Although our approach takes a longer time to set-up, stage and price, we believe our results more than justify our efforts.

If we can’t meet your expectations, we will not conduct your sale.