Our Services

Greater Washington Estate Services (GWES) distinguishes itself by providing the most comprehensive approach to conducting an estate or moving sale. Once a family has determined which items will not be for sale, we schedule an on-site, cost-free walk-through of the property with the client or his or her representative. This is an important meeting. It gives the client the opportunity to decide whether our company provides the services they are looking for and if it is the right fit for them and their family. It also allows GWES to determine the volume and marketability of the home’s contents in order to insure a successful, mutually profitable sale.


Our process is straightforward. We will:

  • Develop an individual merchandising and security floor plan of your home.
  • Sort, clean, repair (if possible) tag, and stage every item to be sold.
  • Conduct extensive research to determine fair market value for your items.
  • Contact individual buyers whose interests coincide with your merchandise and provide them with photographs, date and time of your sale.
  • Conduct a fully- staffed, secure, attractive, well-advertised three-day on-site sale.

Post sale we offer:

  • Triage of remaining consignable items to high-end area consignment shops. We will arrange transport on your behalf and expense and provide you with an itemized inventory and contract. We do not charge for this service nor do we receive any compensation from the shops we work with.
  • Arrange for all donation delivery and provide you with a tax receipt and list of donated items. (Per IRS regulations, we cannot provide you with a value for tax filing purposes. However, we will discuss with you our price points and how we arrived at them)
  • Arrange for remainder to be re-cycled.
  • Offer supervised clean-out of your entire home/garage following the sale.
  • Arrange for a thorough cleaning of your property and return of keys to you or your designated representative/realtor
  • Check for proceeds will be presented or mailed within 14 business days of the close of the sale